Muhammad Ali Sings on Broadway

“The Greatest” sings Black Balloons in Buck White  

This Day in Boxing May 25, 1965 Ali Stops Liston

Muhammad Ali scores 1st round TKO – most controversial heavyweight fight ever. 1965-05-25 : Sonny Liston 215¼ lbs lost to Muhammad Ali 206 lbs by KO at 2:12 in round 1 of 15 Location: St. Dominic’s Hall, Lewiston, Maine, USA Referee: Jersey Joe Walcott Judge: Coley...

Mike Tyson Spars Oliver McCall Tokyo 1988 NO HEADGEAR

Mike Tyson preparing for the Tony Tubbs fight Toe – to – toe wars with Oliver McCall at the gym. Here’s one of them. The gym was packed.

Mike Tyson Meets Crocodile Dundee

Mike Tyson and Paul Hogan Meet in 1986  

Mike Tyson Wrecks the Heavy Bag

Tyson in his prime training for Tony Tubbs in Tokyo    

This Day in Boxing May 24 1976 Ali KOs Dunn

Muhammad Ali stops Richard Dunn and retains his heavyweight crown Olympiahalle, Munich, Bayern, Germany W TKO 5 15 time: 2:05 | referee: Herbert Tomser WBC World heavyweight title WBA World heavyweight title  

This Day in Boxing May 23, 1985 – Tyson KOs Halpin

Mike Tyson Scores a 4th round KO over Don Halpin Location: Albany, New York, USA Promoter: Tri City Promoting “On the Road to the Championship” At 212 lbs., Tyson was fighting at the lightest weight of his professional career. Halpin entered having lost his three...

This Day in Boxing May 22, 1976 Duran KOs Bizzarro

Roberto Duran stops a tough Lou Bizzarro Roberto Duran w co 14 (15) Lou Bizzarro, County Fieldhouse, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA – WBA. Referee: Waldemar Schmidt. Having won a hard non-title fight against Saoul Mamby just 18 days earlier, the champion forced the pace against...

Ali Imitation is Funny – One of the Best

Heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry is brilliant Jerry Quarry at ringside for Galindez vs Kates is hilarious doing imitation of “The Greatest.”  

This Day in Boxing May 21, 1966 Ali Stops Cooper

Muhammad Ali retains his crown stopping Henry Cooper in London Arsenal Football Stadium, Highbury, London, United Kingdom W TKO 6 time: 1:38 | referee: George Smith A bad cut over Cooper’s left eye forced stoppage.  
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